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We take your wound seriously and will be your biggest advocates in healing.

#1 reason a diabetic will be admitted to a hospital is due to an infected wound on the foot.

Once you get one wound, you have a 10X chance of getting another wound.

85% of all amputations are preceded by a wound on the foot.

50-70% of diabetic patients who get an amputation will not survive past 5 years.

Advanced Wound Care Center

A wound is a serious health risk.

At Diabetic Foot Solutions™, we know what it takes to heal your wound. It is complicated and requires a lot of specialized knowledge, passion and dedication, all of which we have.  

Not only will we help you heal, we will work with you to reduce your risk of future wounds by helping you eliminate or at least lessen the risks that created your wound in the first place.

We Have the Skill to Help You Heal

Knowledge Is Powerful

Dr. Dan has sought out extensive training and knowledge in diabetic lower extremity issues. 

Diabetic neuropathy, edema (swelling) and wounds are multi-factorial and require extensive knowledge across many disciplines: infectious disease, vascular, neurology, diabetes, podiatry, lymphedema, physical therapy, etc.

It has been proven that a multi-disciplinary approach to diabetic lower extremities creates an optimal healing environment for the patient. 

Dr. Dan partners with the very best in the various disciplines to bring about exceptional care for his patients.

Miracles Occur Here

You and Your Loved Ones
Deserve The Best

Our compassion, combined with leading edge technology have helped lead patients to miraculous outcomes.

One patient had a deep, non-healing toe ulcer, almost to bone, for months. We started him on a new technology and within one week his wound healed! (we are the only clinic in Utah with this technology)

Another patient had been going to a wound care center in Utah for 2 years. They amputated one of his legs and he feared another amputation because he had two large wounds. We got the first wound healed in 7 weeks!

Another patient had out of control blood sugar, with a necrotic wound on his heel. We worked with our vascular team to get blood flow to his wound. He healed not long after!

Many of our patients have had infections that the doctor was able to treat quickly because we use the most advanced technology to detect infection, to understand which antibiotics won’t work with your DNA and to treat your infection with the right antibiotic the first time!

"Total confidence in the doctor and staff… 10/10!”

My daughter is a diabetic educator so she was urging me to see a good doctor who understood the problems I was having with swelling and cellulitis (infection in my legs). I went to see Dr. Dan on a recommendation from my primary care and I’m so glad I did! My swelling and cellulitis are better and I feel so much better about it.
Linda T.

“They are the best and will help you get better!”

When I first came to see Dr. Dan, I had 10/10 pain in my legs. My legs were very swollen and weeping, with big wounds on my legs. I felt terrible overall.

Now I don’t have pain and my original wounds healed in only 7 weeks instead of months (that’s how long it takes with most leg wounds).

Jerry M.

"Went from extreme pain to almost no pain!"

When I first started seeing Dr. Dan, my neuropathy was so bad that I couldn’t sleep through the night. I was taking a lot of gabapentin. I was miserable.

After working with Dr. Dan on my neuropathy, I have almost no pain!

I highly recommend Dr. Dan to anyone who is diabetic and struggling with neuropathy or wounds. He is the best of the best.

Clark D.