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A diabetic foot is an at risk foot
we stomp out that risk

Providing the most comprehensive foot and leg care available to Diabetics.

Risk Assessment

A diabetic foot is an at risk foot. In order to lower that risk, diabetic patients need a risk assessment exam.

Diabetic patients are no longer dying from blood sugar that is wildly out of control but rather they are dying from chronic complications of the disease. 

  •  The #1 reason a diabetic will be admitted to a hospital is due to an infected wound on the foot.
  • 50% of diabetic patients who are at risk will have no symptoms whatsoever.
  • 70% of diabetic patients have neuropathy but 90% don’t know it. Neuropathy can often lead to wounds and serious falls.


Neuropathy is numbness, tingling and burning in your feet.

Neuropathy plus other issues (calluses, hammertoes, a blister, etc.) is the most common pathway to developing wounds. It’s also a leading cause of minor and major falls. Neuropathy must be addressed.

Neuropathy is considered a progressive disease. In other words, without intervention by skilled clinicians, numbness and burning are likely to continue to worsen causing many complications. Early detection is key.


30% of all wounds are caused by blood flow issues to the lower extremities.

A wound with inadequate blood flow will either not heal or will slowly, opening the patient up to the risk of infection and possibly even amputation.

A comprehensive risk assessment helps the doctor understand whether you are at risk for having non healing wounds in the future.

Diabetes plus neuropathy plus poor blood flow is cause for concern because all it takes is one small issue and you’ve got a perfect storm for infection and non healing wounds.


Most patients would never think their calluses or hammertoes would put them at risk but, when combined with neuropathy, these are the #1 pathway to wounds.

During your Diabetic Foot and Leg Risk Assessment Exam, the doctor can tell you the risks in your feet (early detection is key) and offer simple but powerful solutions to remove you from the pathway of developing wounds.

Choose Well

We take care of you

We take pride in providing the best patient care available. Our patients regularly tell us the clinic feels like home and we feel like family. Schedule your Diabetic Foot and Leg Risk Assessment today!

They have gone the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. They treat me like I’m so important and that feels really good to me. 

In a short time we have built trust and a friendship. 

I feel like I can call anytime I need help and that is very comforting.  I know they will take care of me.

Linda T.

The medical team is wonderful, consistent and have gone out of their way to help me get the other treatments and the advanced wound care I needed so I could heal. They even worked with my insurance to get wound care treatments covered that I kept getting denied for.

I can’t recommend this office more highly.

Jerry M.

I’ve been Dr. Dan’s patient for many years. He has provided excellent care for the several diabetic related issues I have. The entire staff is friendly and personable. I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his team!

Gary A.

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